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If you have chosen to Rent vs Buy, ValdostaSOLD will help you find an available home for rent and negotiate the terms of the lease.
Our services are Free for all potential renters in most cases where the landlord or representing property management company offers to cover agent fees by paying a referral fee.

Step 1: Locate A Property:
ValdostaSOLD is dedicated to help you find an available home for rent and negotiate the terms of the lease.
We can help you create a custom rental search through our interactive online system, or simply email you a list of rental properties that fit your criteria.
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Step 2: Complete Rental Application:
It isn't a bad idea to gather your personal info ahead of time and have a draft application completed before you go looking for a property. Sometimes personal details, dates, employment history, addresses… can take a while to locate.
Either way, it's important that all of your information is accurate and complete prior to submitting a rental application.

Step 3: Tenant Interview / Screening Process:
Each landlord or property management company has their own checklist for evaluating potential tenants.
ValdostaSOLD uses a simple grading system based on certain criteria such as: income, employment, credit history, rental history…

Step 4: Sign Lease / Rental Agreement:
Once approved, the final step is signing a lease and completing the initial walkthrough inspection process.
It's extremely important that you look at all aspects of the property to make sure anything that is broken, scratched or missing is documented in the initial paperwork.

If you are interested in renting a home in Valdosta, GA or surrounding area, please complete our short contact us form and we will contact you promptly or you can contact us by phone at 229-241-1885, text at 229-234-1033 or email us at

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